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Detailed Translations for significativo from Spanish to English


significativo adj

  1. significativo (apropiado; lleno de sentido)
  2. significativo

Translation Matrix for significativo:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
appropriate apropiado; lleno de sentido; significativo adecuado; aplicable; apropiado; lucrativo; rentable; vale la pena
meaningful significativo
significant apropiado; lleno de sentido; significativo considerable; considerablemente; de manera sensible; en proporciones considerables; esencial; importante; llamativamente; notablemente; saliente; sensible

Related Words for "significativo":

  • significativa, significativas, significativos

Synonyms for "significativo":

Wiktionary Translations for significativo:

  1. having meaning, significant
  2. significant
  3. signifying something; carrying meaning
  4. having noticeable effect
  5. having a low probability of occurring by chance

Cross Translation:
significativo significant significant — belangrijk
significativo meaningful beredt — bedeutungsschwer in der Aussage