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Detailed Translations for morning from English to Spanish


morning [the ~] noun

  1. the morning
    la mañana; la madrugada

Translation Matrix for morning:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
madrugada morning early morning; early morning hours
mañana morning early afternoon; forenoon; tomorrow
- dawn; forenoon; good morning; morn; morning time

Synonyms for "morning":

Antonyms for "morning":

Related Definitions for "morning":

  1. a conventional expression of greeting or farewell1
  2. the earliest period1
    • the morning of the world1
  3. the time period between dawn and noon1
    • I spent the morning running errands1

Wiktionary Translations for morning:

  1. the part of the day after midnight and before midday
  2. part of the day between dawn and midday

Cross Translation:
morning AM; mañana; madrugada ochtend — eerste deel van de dag, tussen ca. 6.00 en 12.00 uur
morning mañana; madrugada MorgenTageszeit zwischen Nacht und Mittag
morning mañana VormittagTageszeit: Die Zeit zwischen dem Morgen und dem Mittag
morning matutino; matinal morgendlich — in die Zeit am Morgen fallend, zum Morgen passend
morning mañana; madrugada matin — De minuit à midi
morning madrugador; matinal; matutino matinal — Qui s’est levé de bonne heure, ou qui a coutume de se lever de bonne heure.
morning mañana matinée — La partie du matin qui écouler depuis le point du jour jusqu’à midi.

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