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Detailed Translations for humility from English to Spanish


humility [the ~] noun

  1. the humility (submissiveness; modestness; subservience)
    la modestia; la sumisión; la docilidad; el servilismo
  2. the humility
    la humildad

Translation Matrix for humility:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
docilidad humility; modestness; submissiveness; subservience manageability; quietness; tameness; willingness
humildad humility demureness; having no pretentions; modesty; simplicity
modestia humility; modestness; submissiveness; subservience demureness; frugality; having no pretentions; measure; moderation; modesty; plainness; quietness; reservedness; retiring nature; scantiness; simpleness; simplicity; sobriety; unpretentiousness
servilismo humility; modestness; submissiveness; subservience bondage; bondservice; servility; slavishness; thraldom; thralldom
sumisión humility; modestness; submissiveness; subservience complaisance; compliance; submission; subservience
- humbleness

Synonyms for "humility":

Antonyms for "humility":

Related Definitions for "humility":

  1. a disposition to be humble; a lack of false pride1
    • not everyone regards humility as a virtue1
  2. a humble feeling1
    • he was filled with humility at the sight of the Pope1

Wiktionary Translations for humility:

  1. characteristic of being humble

Cross Translation:
humility humildad nederigheid — het aannemen van een houding waarbij geen aanspraak gemaakt wordt op macht of eer
humility humildad DemutReligion: vor allem religiös geprägte Geisteshaltung, bei der sich der Mensch in Erkenntnis der eigenen Unvollkommenheit dem göttlichen Willen unterwirft
humility modestia modestieretenue dans la manière de penser et de parler de soi.