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expensive adj

  1. expensive
  2. expensive (pricy; costly)

Translation Matrix for expensive:

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- costly
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caro expensive
costoso costly; expensive; pricy lush; luxurious; opulent; sumptuous

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Related Definitions for "expensive":

  1. high in price or charging high prices1
    • expensive clothes1
    • an expensive shop1

Wiktionary Translations for expensive:

  1. having a high price or cost

Cross Translation:
expensive caro; valioso kostbaarduur, waardevol
expensive caro duur — niet goedkoop
expensive caro teuer — einen hohen Preis oder hohe Kosten aufweisend oder verursachend
expensive querido; preciado; estimado; caro; costoso cher — Qui est chéri, tendrement aimer, auquel on tenir beaucoup.
expensive costoso; caro; querido coûteux — Qui coûte cher.

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