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  1. energize:


Detailed Translations for energize from English to Spanish


to energize verb, American (energizes, energized, energizing)

  1. to energize (supply; feed; ventilate; energise)

Conjugations for energize:

  1. energize
  2. energize
  3. energizes
  4. energize
  5. energize
  6. energize
simple past
  1. energized
  2. energized
  3. energized
  4. energized
  5. energized
  6. energized
present perfect
  1. have energized
  2. have energized
  3. has energized
  4. have energized
  5. have energized
  6. have energized
past continuous
  1. was energizing
  2. were energizing
  3. was energizing
  4. were energizing
  5. were energizing
  6. were energizing
  1. shall energize
  2. will energize
  3. will energize
  4. shall energize
  5. will energize
  6. will energize
continuous present
  1. am energizing
  2. are energizing
  3. is energizing
  4. are energizing
  5. are energizing
  6. are energizing
  1. be energized
  2. be energized
  3. be energized
  4. be energized
  5. be energized
  6. be energized
  1. energize!
  2. let's energize!
  3. energized
  4. energizing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for energize:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
traer bringing along; bringing with one; carrying
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
traer energise; energize; feed; supply; ventilate bring; bring along; bring around; bring back; carry; collect; come round for; deliver; deliver to the door; drag; fetch; furnish; hand over; haul; leave; pick up; provide; put up for shipment; return; send; ship; supply; take; take along; take away
transportar energise; energize; feed; supply; ventilate bring; bring along; carry; carry off; lead off; mobilise; mobilize; remove; transport
- arouse; brace; energise; excite; perk up; stimulate

Related Words for "energize":

  • energizing

Synonyms for "energize":

Antonyms for "energize":

  • de-energise; de-energize; sedate

Related Definitions for "energize":

  1. cause to be alert and energetic1
  2. raise to a higher energy level1