Detailed Translations for abomination from English to Spanish


abomination [the ~] noun

  1. the abomination (atrocity)
    la repugnancia; la náuseas; el hastío; la abominación; el horror; la aversión
  2. the abomination (abhorrence; terror; horror)
    la repugnancia; el espanto; el horror; el susto; el asco; el terror
  3. the abomination (detestation)
    el odio; la aversión; el aborrecimiento
  4. the abomination (atrocity; horror; gruel)
    el espanto; la atrocidad; el aborrecimiento; la abominación

Translation Matrix for abomination:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abominación abomination; atrocity; gruel; horror atrocity; gruesome deed; heinous deed
aborrecimiento abomination; atrocity; detestation; gruel; horror
asco abhorrence; abomination; horror; terror antipathy; aversion; disinclination; dislike; distaste; gruel; hackle; reluctance; revulsion; water gruel
atrocidad abomination; atrocity; gruel; horror atrocity; boyish prank; gruesome deed; heinous deed; horrorplay; mischief; monkey trick; practical joke; prank
aversión abomination; atrocity; detestation adverse wind; antipathy; aversion; contrary wind; disinclination; dislike; distaste; hackle; rebellion; reluctance; resistance; revolt; revulsion; riot
espanto abhorrence; abomination; atrocity; gruel; horror; terror horribleness; horridness; terribleness; tremendousness
hastío abomination; atrocity
horror abhorrence; abomination; atrocity; horror; terror alarm; confusion; consternation; dismay; fright; repulsion; upset
náuseas abomination; atrocity illness; nausea; rottenness; sickness
odio abomination; detestation enmity; hate; hatred; intolerance
repugnancia abhorrence; abomination; atrocity; horror; terror antipathy; aversion; disinclination; dislike; distaste; hackle; reluctance; repellingness; revulsion
susto abhorrence; abomination; horror; terror anguish; anxiety; fear; fright
terror abhorrence; abomination; horror; terror alarm; anguish; anxiety; confusion; consternation; dismay; fear; fright; panic; reign of terror; repulsion; terror; upset
- abhorrence; detestation; execration; loathing; odium

Synonyms for "abomination":

Related Definitions for "abomination":

  1. an action that is vicious or vile; an action that arouses disgust or abhorrence1
    • his treatment of the children is an abomination1
  2. hate coupled with disgust1
  3. a person who is loathsome or disgusting1

Wiktionary Translations for abomination:

  1. something abominable

Cross Translation:
abomination horror; aversión; repugnancia afschuw — hevige afkeer
abomination horror Abscheulichkeit — etwas abscheulich, Abstoßendes
abomination aborrecimiento; repugnancia; asco Abscheuregional, landschaftlich unterschiedliches Genus: eine starke Abneigung gegen jemanden oder etwas
abomination abominación; aversión; horror abominationhorreur, dégoût qu’on ressentir pour une personne ou une chose.
abomination atrocidad atrocitéextrême cruauté.
abomination aversión; horror aversion — Violente antipathie, répugnance.
abomination aversión; horror; asco dégoûtmanque de goût, d’appétit.
abomination horror horreur — Traductions à trier suivant le sens